Weather: very strong gusts of wind – Rijnmond


The Ciara storm provides a Code Orange throughout the country Sunday. In our region, the wind blows from the end of the afternoon with heavy gusts of wind speeds of at least one hundred kilometers per hour, predicts weatherman Ed Aldus.

The wind increases sharply during the day and this afternoon there is a southwest storm, wind force 9. Along the coast, the southwest wind increases to hard, wind force 7. Heavy gusts between 75 and 100 occur from the end of the morning kilometers per hour. At the end of the afternoon and tonight there is a chance of very strong gusts of wind between 100 and 120 kilometers per hour. It rains regularly, but there are also dry periods. At the end of the afternoon the temperature rose to 11 or 12 degrees.

Very heavy gusts of wind

In the course of the evening, fierce showers from the northwest move over the region with the chance of thunder, hail and very strong gusts of wind between 100 and 130 kilometers per hour. Along the coast it is still storming and it is very soft with a temperature of 13 degrees. Tonight there is a chance of a rain or hail shower. It remains turbulent with a strong or strong west-to-southwest wind, stormy wind force 6 to 8. Wind force 6 to 8. There is also a risk of heavy gusts of wind between 75 and 100 kilometers per hour. The temperature drops to 7 degrees.


The following days it remains on the changeable side and there is often a lot of wind with a chance of strong gusts of wind. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays it is cloudy with a single winter shower. A rain area passes on Thursday. In the afternoon it will be 7 degrees and in the night from Sunday to Monday the temperature is a few degrees above freezing.


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