We will be restrained until Trump leaves; After that, the protesters will be evacuated;


New Delhi: BJP leader Kapil Mishra has threatened Delhi Police with repercussions for not clearing roads in Jafrabad and Chand Bagh, which are struggling against citizenship amendments. Mishra’s threat is that he will remain restrained until US President Donald Trump’s visit to India is over and then he will take to the streets to evict the protesters. Kapil Mishra’s group had staged a rally in support of the Citizenship Act last week.

‘I’ll give you three days to Pellis. If the protesters were not evacuated within that day, we would evict them. Three days later, US President Donald Trump will leave India. Until then, we will be restrained. No need for the police to come to terms with us afterwards. We will not be obliged to listen to you, ‚ÄĚKapil Mishra said.

Three hours before the clash, Kapil Mishra tweeted that he would organize a rally for the people and reply to Jafrabad. Mishra also said that they would not allow the area to be converted into a Shaheenbag.

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