Watching TV Prayed that the son should not be among them; It is


NV Chandran has been driving in Payyanur town for more than 30 years. His wife Shyamala, who works in folklore, now works at the Naval Academy. Sanoop was the only hope of a financially backward family. Sanoop, who had a good education and got a good job, thought his family would get green. But the danger of unbelief collapsed.

Chandran and Shyamala have sacrificed much to teach Sanoop with the money he has earned by driving and hiring cars. In the meantime, his daughter Shawna’s wedding was held. His friends insisted on writing the Civil Service Exam for Sanoop. However, he withdrew with the reply that he could not hurt his father yet.

Rahul gets to know him after he gets home

Sanoop’s younger brother Rahul was on the rank of PSC Civil Police Officer. This rank list has been frozen after the accused in the knife scam case of University College, Thiruvananthapuram were found guilty of misbehavior in the PSC examination. With this the job became uncertain. Rahul had gone to attend the rank-holders’ meeting in Thrissur yesterday. Others had sent Rahul to the train without informing him of his death. When he got home, Rahul learned of his brother’s death.

When he heard a young man talking on his TV on Payyanur TV, he prayed for it to be his son. But soon the news of his son’s death reached the moon. Nv Chandran, an auto driver from Payyannur, has saddened the death of his son Sanoop.

As she was heading to the moon town with Otto in the morning, Rita, a neighbor and relative. KSEB official AV Kunhikannanan talks about the Avinashi bus accident. When Kunhikannan said that his relative Arun, who is a relative of Sanoop, had informed him that Sanoop had boarded the bus, Chandran got over the moon.

I went back home and opened the TV. The tragic scenes of the bus and the bodies of a hospital collapsing on TV. Chandran was standing in front of the TV, praying that his son would not be among them. After some time, the footage of the injured and their experience began to be shown on the channel.

Chandran first thought that it was Sanoop, a young man in the hospital wearing a check shirt. A sigh of relief that he is still alive. But when the young man spoke to the media in Thrissur, it was known that it was not Sanoop. Chandran knew that Sanoop got into the bus and called his friend Arun.

But there was still a bit of hope somewhere. Her son was searched for everything on TV. Without waiting for confirmation, a group of relatives headed to Coimbatore on InterCity Express. By the time the train reached Kannur, another call from Sanoop’s friend Nikhil’s phone has reached the phone of one of his relatives.

The relatives left Kannur and returned to Payyannur. It didn’t take long for the moon to realize that their return was due to their son’s departure. Upon learning of the incident, the street had become a household name. Officials including Tahsildar K. Balagopalan arrived at the residence. The Collector contacted the relatives and discussed the funeral arrangements. Burial will follow at Community Cemetery at 11.30am today.

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