Watch a security man assault a woman who refused to undergo a Corona examination


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Social media users shared a video of a Chinese policeman assaulting a woman.

The police video shows him kicking and punching the woman, for refusing to put her head on a coronavirus screening machine.

Several activists released the video, seeking to shed light on the excessive force Chinese police use towards their citizens.

The Chinese authorities in Hubei Province announced today, Tuesday, that the number of corona virus victims in the province has risen to 414, and the number of infected people has reached 13522 people.

“The number of victims in Hubei Province has risen to 414, and the number of injured people has reached 13,522,” state television said, citing the authorities.

According to the latest data, the number of confirmed cases of the emerging coronavirus, 17,489, 362 deaths and 530 cures. Most of these cases were recorded in China (17,489).

On December 31, the Chinese authorities informed the World Health Organization of an outbreak of pneumonia caused by the new Corona virus in Wuhan, in the central part of the country.


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