Was the attack on the Paris police prefecture terrorist? The DGSI has delivered its verdict


The October 3 attack on the Paris police headquarters which left four people dead was terrorist in nature. This was confirmed by Le Parisien, based on the DGSI investigation which analyzed Mickaël Harpon’s computer equipment.

The investigation by the Directorate General of Internal Security (DGSI) has just confirmed: the knife attack at the Paris prefecture on October 3 was indeed a terrorist act, reported The Parisian. Specialists have analyzed Mickaël Harpon’s professional and personal computer equipment.

The investigation had previously revealed videos of jihadist propaganda on USB keys for professional use, which also contained sensitive information from the Intelligence Directorate (DRPP) where this computer scientist worked. Then it was his personal computers and smartphones that were analyzed. These were password protected, which made it difficult.

“Kill unbelievers”

Thus, Mickaël Harpon typed keywords on the Net such as “kill unbelievers”, just before the attack, said The Parisian. Other research focused on couple infidelity and buying plane tickets to Mecca. According to evidence found by the DGSI, the man did not have a specific plan for his attack, which claimed the lives of four officials.

On the morning of October 3, just before he took action, he bought two knives, previously exchanging around 30 religious texts with his wife. After being informed of her purchase, she replied “Only God will judge you”.

A hybrid profile

Converted to Islam for 10 years, Mickaël Harpon had already shown certain signs of radicalization at the prefecture, such as his refusal to be in contact with women or his controversial opinion on the Charlie Hebdo attacks. On the eve of the killing, he was reportedly caught in a violent “mystical crisis” overnight, which prompted him to take action.

The investigation also determined his “psychologically fragile” condition, probably linked to his deafness disability for which he felt rejected by some colleagues. Thus, it is defined as “a hybrid profile evolving on the borders of terrorism and psychiatry”, reveals a source of daily life.

The Interior Ministry called to rule on these dysfunctions

In light of these revelations, the families of the victims asked to be received by Christophe Castaner. Secretary of State Laurent Nuñez is expected to speak this Wednesday afternoon regarding the malfunctions that allowed this attack to occur.

On February 4, the Minister of the Interior announced to BFM TV that 106 cases of police suspected of radicalization had been reported, half of which were at the Paris police headquarters. Since October 3, these reports have led to the suspension of four police officers, while nine others have been disarmed. In Paris, 44 cases are still being verified, he said.


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