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We stayed home for 14 days, these days being the subject of users

According to Sputnik, these resorts have become a trend in social media, which encourages people to stay home for 14 days to make sure their coronary test is negative. This carpet is called # 1_day_in_the_house.

This period lasts from 5th to 19th of March and this is due to the health of the people and the people around. It has been said that in many Chinese cities, people stayed home spontaneously to prevent the spread of the virus, resulting in a relative halt to the virus.

Many users have welcomed the plan, saying they only go outside to do the necessary things. According to these users, people who traveled to northern cities after school and office closures do not value themselves, their families and those around them, and are seeking to spread the virus to other Iranian cities. It is recommended for these users to stay at home, not travel and use masks in public circles and to observe health.

Some users believe that the spread of the virus in Iran is not very serious and they cannot shut themselves down at home. According to these users, the story of the spread of the Corona virus in Iran is mostly political and is intended to destroy Iran.


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