Warning against cutting hand-meat to guests while eating


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A cardiologist warned against the habit of cutting meat to others during food, explaining that it transmits many viruses and bacteria.

The Saudi physician, Khaled Al-Nimr, a consultant and professor of cardiology and catheterization of the arteries, on his official account on the Twitter website, on Friday, tweeted from the habit of cutting flesh to others during food, explaining that it transmits many viruses and bacteria.

He said: “An unhealthy habit: cutting meat to others while eating food with your hand … is unpalatable to health and transmits many bacteria and viruses from mixing saliva to the fingers.”

And he added: “I cherish you and respect you … Just don’t cut me.”

It is noteworthy that in March, Dr. Fahd Al-Khudairi, a professor and research scientist in the specialty of carcinogens, warned against cutting the meat of guests. newspaper The Saudi Echo.

Al-Khudairi said: “One of the habits in which the host believes that he honors the guest is that he cuts the meat for him and has contact with and contamination of food.”

He added: “Some germs of the hand may be transferred to eat the guest, the Prophet Muhammad forbade blowing food and water in order not to be contaminated with the mouth germs, and it is measured by the habit of cutting the flesh of the guest, so we hope this habit will disappear.”

Hand-to-hand meat is usually used in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries, to show hospitality and generosity.


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