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Naja, depends on what kind of backdoor is in it. If you have tested / examined x number of devices and can all gain access with a certain ‘key’, this is of course intentionally used. Is it a backdoor for which you really have to ‘hack’, where the different devices can be cracked using the same method, but you still need to know a certain password or something that has been set, it is of course more unlikely that this is a conscious backdoor.In terms of evidence of abuse, the US must also have hacked Huawei (or China) or monitored various Huawei devices (read: software modified), so that they could ‘see’ that they were logging in from outside. But then I could not imagine that China / Huawei is so ‘stupid’ to do that from a place that is clearly associated with them.
Feels a bit like a “cold war” being waged here, where I can’t help feeling that it’s a very economically driven “war.” It would of course be super economically beneficial for America if Huawei is banned and all Cisco equipment is used everywhere. Incidentally, if real (good) evidence had been shared with Germany and the UK, they would have shared it with other European countries and we would soon get the situation that Huawei is excluded. And if it was really irrefutable evidence, we would soon hear more of this, it is not irrefutable evidence, but it is more indirect evidence of ‘look, we come in via route x, y, z’, then it is true that the EU itself will also start an investigation and then we will hear more about it via that route.

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