Vote counting starts in the legislative elections and the Council of Experts of Leadership in Iran


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The counting of votes for Iran’s Parliament and Assembly of Experts began after a poll ended on Friday evening.

Tehran – Sputnik. Today, Saturday, the Iranian Ministry of Interior in Iran said: “The counting of votes for the Parliament and the Assembly of Experts in Iran began after the end of the extension of the voting period several times, the last of which was until twelve o’clock in the evening on Friday.”

It is noteworthy that the Iranian Fars news agency reported, earlier today, to top the list of the fundamentalist Conservative Party (Iran Sarband) in the capital, Tehran, in the parliamentary elections, which are led by former mayor of Tehran, Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf.

And the Iranian Ministry of Interior announced, earlier this evening, that the voting process has officially ended in the legislative and Iranian leadership experts ’elections in the country.


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