Vladimir Putin’s recipe for a longer life



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Creative and spiritual activities extend the lifespan of human beings.

Speaking to government representatives, Russian President Vladimir Putin said: “Quality and life expectancy are greater for people who engage in creative and spiritual activities.

The Russian president said: “Experts in genetics, physicians in the brain and other disciplines have delivered many lectures, but as far as I can imagine people who have been involved in creative activities for a long time The more they give their brain creative training, stay young and improve their quality of life.

Genetics explains this phenomenon better, according to the Russian president. According to Putin, university professors and teachers live longer than other jobs.

Earlier it was reported in the Spanish newspaper El Mundo that the 66-year-old Russian president was able to keep his youth young with the help of adequate sleep, healthy nutrition and exercise, and avoiding alcohol. Putin is the most athletic leader the Kremlin has ever seen. The Russian president is keen on hockey and judo, swimming and hiking.

In terms of appearance and clothing, Vladimir Putin prefers wearing Kiton and Brioni sewing suits. The Russian president has been practicing judo for more than 50 years. He has a black belt in karate. Vladimir Putin considers himself an athlete who deals with all kinds of sports.


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