Vitesse has to look for new head of youth education: ‘Honored by the KNVB’


After this season, Vitesse loses the head of Aloys Wijnker youth academy at the KNVB. The football association has appointed 48-year-old Wijnker as Manager of Soccer Policy for Boys. He does finish the season in Arnhem.

Wijnker will become a member of the Football Development department as a football soccer manager, as can be read on the website of the KNVB. Among other things, he will be responsible for the competition structure for youth paid football. From the following season, that branch of the KNVB will have a new structure and Wijnker will have to give it shape.
The newest addition to the KNVB is looking forward to starting work in Zeist after its sixth year at Vitesse. “It is an honor to play a role in the development of the total Dutch football landscape. I do that by focusing on the top of youth football. I am really looking forward to contributing to a higher level plan of football. ”

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