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A Moscow court has fined Twitter four million rubles (almost EUR 58,000) for refusing to store Russian users’ data on servers in Russia. Russian media reported this on Thursday.

“The court ruled to sentence Twitter under section eight of Article 13.11 of the Administrative Offenses Act (” Violation of the Law of the Russian Federation in the Field of Personal Data “) and to fine four million rubles,” the judge read the verdict in front.

Roskomnadzor intervenes

The procedure against Twitter was initiated on the initiative of the Russian media regulator Roskomnadsor because the provision of data on Russian users was refused. Neither Twitter nor Roskomnadsor participated in the trial. Now Twitter has to pay a fine of four million rubles within 60 days.

In December 2018, Roskomnadsor requested that Twitter and Facebook report on the location of Russian users’ personal databases in the Russian Federation, as required by law. As no concrete answer was received at the end of January, the authority initiated administrative proceedings against both companies.

In April, the court fined Twitter and Facebook 3,000 rubles for violating the law.

According to the amendments to the Russian law “About Personal Data”, which came into force on September 1, 2015, information about Russian users of social networks should be stored in Russia. Due to non-compliance with this requirement, the social career network LinkedIn in Russia was blocked in 2016.

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