Vijay to appear again income tax notice to actor Vijay again


Chennai: Actor Vijay has been issued notice to appear before the Income Tax Office. The notice was issued to show the interrogation within three days. Vijay was given notice to appear for questioning after a careful examination of his assets.

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The actor was taken into custody by the Income Tax department on Tuesday from the set of the movie ‘Bigil’. The inspection lasted about thirty hours. Actor .According to a statement issued by the Income Tax department afterwards, no money was recovered from Vijay’s house.

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Meanwhile, the Income Tax department said in a statement that the owner of AGS Group, one of the producers of ‘Bigil’, had illegally seized Rs 77 crore from Anupuchezian’s house in Madurai and Chennai. According to the Income Tax Department, the raid had taken place in 38 places.


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