Victims of Franco: the Spanish Government will publish the complete file of Billy the Child


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The president of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, assured on Wednesday, February 12 that the new Democratic Memory law proposed by the PSOE in Congress will mean the withdrawal of police medals to the expoliation Antonio González Pacheco, alias ‘Billy the Child’, accused of torturing political dissidents during Franco’s dictatorship.

This decision is motivated by the consultation raised in the first session of control to the Government in the XIV Legislature, by the deputy of the Basque party EH Bildu Jon Iñarritu, in which the full report of the activities of this expoliation and where the medals, decorations and awards he received and the services for which he was recognized appear.

For its part, the Congressional table has approved the publication of the medal awarding file for Billy the Child, but ratified the refusal to make the service sheet public of the expoliation Antonio Fernández Pacheco.

Likewise, spokesman for Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya (ERC), Gabriel Rufián, has asked the Government to begin by withdrawing once and for all “medals to a torturer” like Billy El Niño “for his symbolic load“In addition, Rufián has also asked Sánchez to” dignify “the figure of the president of the Generalitat, Lluis Companys, executed by Franco after a ruling that both ERC and the Spanish Government agree that it should be annulled.

The second vice president and Minister of Social Rights and 2030 Agenda Pablo Iglesias, also expressed harsh criticism against Billy the Child and felt very indignant about this issue in his time as a deputy, to the point of crying while narrating the testimonies of the victims:

Among other victims of González Pacheco are names such as the journalist Paco Lobatón, the president of the Feminist Party and writer Lidia Falcón or Luis Miguel Urbán, father of the MEP of Miguel Miguel Urbán.


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