Vettel fastest on day 5, problems for Mercedes


Sebastian Vettel
Sebastian Vettel, photo: Ferrari

Sebastian Vettel with Ferrari recorded the best time on Day 5 of the C1 F1 team Tests. At the same time, the Mercedes team was in trouble. Lewis Hamilton stopped on the runway in the afternoon after a technical problem.

Vettel put on the softest C5 tires for a short series of laps in the morning session. The best 4-time champion achieved 1: 16.841 min. His achievement was not impressive considering that last week with the same tires, Valteri Botas with Mercedes recorded 1: 15.732 min.

It should be noted, however, that this morning, the track was not in the optimum condition as a grip because of the falling rain. In addition, Vettel developed a relatively low start-finish line speed with DRS activated at the best lap – 312 km / h.

This indicates that the Scuderia used low engine operating modes again. According to Toto Wolf of Mercedes, if Ferrari uses the full power of the unit, they will be able to improve the lap time by 1 second.

At the same time, Hamilton remained last for the day with 1: 22.425 min. He appeared to have started a racing simulation with C3 tires in the afternoon when he lost all power after turning 5 and stopped after a series of 11 laps.

Mercedes later announced that an oil pressure anomaly had caused the engine to shut down as a precautionary measure

For the second time of the day, Pierre Hasli recorded with Alpha Tauri, who also put the C5 tires, but in the afternoon session. With them he recorded a 1: 17.066 min. Third came Lance Strohl from Racing Point with a very strong result with the C3 tires. The top 5 were complemented by Nicholas Latifi with Williams and Lando Norris of McLaren with C3 tires.

Sixth left Max Verstapen with Red Bull with a very good time with C2. The Dutchman is trying out a new front wing in the Bulls’ car. He caused the second suspension of the session in the morning, taking off at turn 5 and stopping in the gravel. At the same place mistakes were made by Vettel and Botas, but they managed to get out of the gravel.

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