Verstappen possibly the most expensive driver ever: ‘Basic salary can still be surveyed’


Max Verstappen can become the most expensive driver in the history of Red Bull. Helmut Marko said that in an interview with Motorsport Magazin. The Dutchman recently extended his contract with the racing stable until the end of 2023.

Verstappen is a top sportsman, but the sun rises for nothing. It is known that he does not have to complain about his income anyway. In 2019 we already wrote that Verstappen was the highest paid Dutch athlete. Also we made an overview with the salary and bonuses of Verstappen, although based on his old contract.

“Max can become the most expensive Red Bull driver ever”

With the new contract from Verstappen, he can become the most expensive driver ever. However, that is performance dependent, says Marko. “We have had a system for many years in which the basic amount of the salary is still reasonably manageable.”

‘That basic salary is supplemented with bonuses that are particularly high, because they date from the time that we were not super successful. On top of that, premiums for the World Cup classification are added, so it comes down to it that only when Max delivers a lot of good performances can he become the most expensive Red Bull driver ever, “concludes the sports director. (Photo: Getty Images / Red Bull Content Pool)


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