Ventsi Stefanov drove Berbatov again, targeting him tightly


The president of Slavia Ventsi Stefanov again attacks Dimitar Berbatov. The boss of the “whites” is adamant in his opinion that goal scorer # 1 in the history of Bulgaria is a traitor and you can not be the boss of the BFU.

“When it comes to wearing the national coat of arms and defending Bulgaria’s honor and giving up, you cannot be a traitor. It is the greatest honor – to be on the ground and to spit your lungs out on the ground. , as the saying goes, “It is very nice to watch side by side as others pull the chestnuts out of the fire. His involvement in the matches he gave up may have been crucial. Why would he want to run football in the state? wants to be the boss, “Stefanov said in bTV’s studio.

“I do not regret my words against Berbatov. I have no conflict with him, but I wonder how he refuses to play and wants to run our football,” said the businessman.

“A BFS chief needs a wealth of experience with a lobby in Europe,” Stefanov stressed.

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