Venezuela claims Portugal for irregularities in TAP flight that led to Guaido


CARACAS (Sputnik) – The Venezuelan government demanded that Portugal open an investigation for alleged irregularities in flight TP173, of the TAP airline, where the opposition Juan Guaidó traveled back to the South American nation, along with a relative.

“Venezuela requires the Portuguese authorities the corresponding explanations and the opening of a rigorous investigation in relation to these facts, since both situations have only been able to develop with the consent of the police authorities of that country,” said the statement published by the Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza, on Twitter.

According to the text, on the flight the boarding of Guaidó on the aircraft was facilitated, with a false identity, “in clear detachment from the guidelines on identification of passengers of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)”.
“The Venezuelan authorities were able to identify that another passenger of the same flight, family member and companion of the aforementioned deputy, transported prohibited materials and explosive substances, incurring an even more serious violation of aeronautical safety standards,” the statement said.
Similarly, the Government of Nicolás Maduro rejected the statements of the Portuguese Foreign Minister, Augusto Santos Silva, who said that Venezuela’s accusations “make no sense.”

On February 13, the president of the National Constituent Assembly (ANC), Diosdado Cabello, said that Juan José Márquez, uncle of the opponent Juan Guaidó, was arrested at the Maiquetía International airport (La Guaira state, north) for bringing explosives , on February 11 when they arrived from the international tour of the deputy.


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