Vaccination against human papillomavirus (HPV) also scores in boys


We know HPV vaccination from, among other things, the fight against cervical cancer. But if girls are given the vaccine before they become sexually active, it is a good preventive measure against the later development of certain cancers, such as those of the cervix.

However, the HPV can also play a part against men. “About a quarter of the HPV cancers affect men,” says Flemish Minister for Welfare and Health Wouter Beke. In men it can be penis, head, mouth and throat cancer. In general, experts say that the virus can cause head and neck cancers, genital cancers and also genital warts, both in men and women.

That is why Flanders, on the advice of the Supreme Health Council, has decided to systematically vaccinate boys: “In recent years there has been increasing evidence that HPV vaccination protects not only against cervical cancer, but also against other cancers such as mouth and throat cancers. so always bigger, also for boys “, says Joris Moonens of the Flemish Agency for Care and Health.


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