VAB: “One in eight soot filters on Euro 5 diesel cars does not work and the car inspection cannot measure that”


In the meantime, there is a new minister and Goca, the group of companies responsible for the car inspection and driving license, is broken down by region. What used to be a national competence is now a regional one. Goca Vlaanderen is responsible in Flanders.

“We have met a number of times with Minister Peeters,” says Pascal Buekenhoudt of Goca Vlaanderen. “We have made preparations for the rollout of the new measuring devices. It is now up to the minister to make decisions. ”

We hear from Minister Peeters’ spokesperson that consultation with Goca Vlaanderen is planned soon. According to Philip De Hollogne, the reason that the dossier has been dragging on for so long is due to the fact that a legislative framework has to be worked out.

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