US facial recognition company stole user information


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‘Clearview AI’, the leading US face recognition technology firm, announced that the entire client list was stolen by hackers, but they soon fixed the problem.

Clearview aiTor Ekeland, lawyer in the statement, stated that the security issue is the company’s top priority, and in the fastest way against the violation in question. take precautions He said.

“Unfortunately, data breaches are part of life. Our servers have never been accessed. We continue to strengthen the company’s security procedures. The vulnerability is also blocked,” Ekeland said.

In a notification to its customers, Clearview AI has informed that hackers have gained unauthorized access to the list of clients, including police, law enforcement and banks.

Taking action to prevent the images captured by unknown people from spreading on the internet, the technology company reported that it has removed more than 3 billion images from the internet, including photos from popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

It was controversial last month that Clearview AI’s technology allowed users to use their personal visuals on the internet by security forces for face identification.

Although the company closed their internet accounts or customized their accounts, it was revealed that the users did not delete their photos and personal information from their own information bank and the public reacted to this situation.


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