US Department of Justice accuses 5 people of trying to pierce oil sanctions against Iran


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5 US citizens accused the Ministry of Justice of attempting to pierce Iran’s oil exports by planning to sell Iranian oil to China.

5 US citizens, 4 from Texas and 1 from New York, by the Ministry of Justice Oil sanctions against Iran He was accused of trying to pierce.

In a statement made by the US Department of Justice, it was claimed that the individuals in question plan to sell the oil bought from Iran to a refinery in China.

The statement alleged that the defendants had created schemes to purchase oil from Iran from July 2019 to February 2020 in Philadelphia and other regions, thereby violating the International Emergency Economic Power Act.

The ministry announced the names of the accused accused as Nicholas Hovan, Robert Thwaites, Nicholas James Fuchs and Daniel Ray Lane.

According to the ministry’s statement, individuals were planning to sell the oil they bought from Iran to a refinery represented by the fifth defendant Zhenyu Wang, also known as ‘Bill Wang’.

The ministry also claimed that individuals admitted that they were trying to use a Polish company as a front panel and planned to make two shipments a month.


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