US Democrats insist on Trump extending New START contract


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Foreign affairs members of the Democratic Party in the US Congress have asked President Donald Trump to agree with Russia to extend the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (New START Treaty) for another five years. The contract expires in early 2021.

The related one Explanation bears the signatures of the Democratic member of the Senate’s Foreign Policy Committee, Robert Menendez, and the chairman of the relevant House Committee, Eliot Engel. The document was published on the website of the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

It says, among other things: “It is time for President Trump to listen to the voice of reason as well as experts and our allies who understand that this treaty is an indispensable pillar of security.”

The treaty curbs Russia’s nuclear forces, ensures verification of Russia’s commitments, and enables the United States to maintain “safe, reliable, modern, and effective” nuclear containments. In addition, data exchange under the New START agreement could provide the United States with an opportunity to assess the state of Russian nuclear forces, thereby helping the U.S. military.

However, officials in the US administration are of the opinion that an extension of the New START contract is not urgent. According to the Secretary of State for the US Secretary of State, Christopher Ford, there is no urgent need to extend the contract now. No negotiations are necessary for this, the sides could simply agree to extend the agreement on the already existing basis. According to Deputy Secretary of Defense John Rood, an immediate extension of the contract would limit the ability to conclude a broader agreement with Moscow and Beijing.

As Eliot Engel told the RIA Novosti agency, Democrats and Republicans in the US Congress support the idea of ​​extending the New START contract. Countries “all over the world” would benefit from this, said Engel.

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