Unprecedented Edmond Nazarian wins gold in European Men’s Debut – Slaughterhouse – Fight


The native hope of the fight, Edmond Nazarian, achieved a huge victory for Bulgaria, winning the gold at the European Championship in Rome, Italy. The 18-year-old Nazarian made his debut more than successfully at his first major men’s championship and has inspired fans’ hope that the Bulgarian fight is alive.

In the final fight in the 55 kg category. the Bulgarian imposed himself on the representative of Russia Vitaly Kabaloev with 7: 3.

Edmond Nazarian: You don’t have to be scared when you go out to fight

The battle began actively for Nazarian, and the Russian received a passive warning and the Bulgarian led by 1-0 and got the opportunity to handle his opponent from the ground.

The Russian went ahead twice beforehand and Edmond got 2 more points in his asset.


This was followed by a spectacular transfer of Edmond from the ground floor, earning 2 more points and increasing his lead to 5-0.

Kabaloev reached his first point by pushing beyond the outline of the circle and the debut ended with a score of 5: 1.

25 seconds before the end, the Russian managed to knock Nazarene’s abdomen and narrow his gap by 5: 3, but in the end Edmond pushed him out of shape and with a total score of 7: 3 won the title!

The 18-year-old’s talent came to the decisive battle after 3 straight wins – two with a technical and a draw in the semifinals against Eldaniz Azizli, who is No. 1 in Europe and the world for 2018.

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