Unlikely, but it is possible for Levski to go bankrupt


Former Levski grantee Todor Batkov has suggested that the “blue” may go bankrupt.

Here’s what the lawyer said on bTV:

If the figures that came out are correct and if the obligations are not serviced, the club may go bankrupt. Such a hypothesis is unlikely but possible.

Dear Levskarians, this is a very difficult time for the club to help with anything!

In the 1990s, Bozhkov was on the board of directors. It is clear to everyone that Bozhkov was a leading figure in gambling, but gambling is foreign to me. I’m not involved in construction either. And what the prosecution initiates, I cannot comment on it.

It’s no secret that the fees they are seeking are not tax liabilities. The NRA started blocking accounts and this blocked Bozhkov’s ability to fulfill his obligations. He wants the current shareholder not to be a shareholder. This is about Mr. Popov. Not only is this proposal impracticable, it is also ridiculous.

Obviously, the opportunity to dilute the revenue collecting fan for FC Levski was underestimated throughout. But the country was poor. We are now 2020. What prevents it from giving a little to football. At least for the facilities and the school, these are our children, “added the former owner of the football club.

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