‘Unknown’ situation at FC Eindhoven: “We have no one left”


FC Eindhoven will face the battered Young AZ on Monday evening. The team of trainer Ernie Brandts misses no less than twelve (!) Selection players. As a result, Eindhoven must appeal to talents.

Joey Sleegers, Bart Biemans, Jort van der Sande, Zé Pedro, Collin Seedorf, Jarno Janssen, Cas Faber, Maarten Peijnenburg, Alvin Daniëls and Byron Burgering cannot be present. Jay Idzes and Flor Van Den Eynden are suspended.
“This is unprecedented. We have nobody left,” says a frustrated Brandts in conversation with the Eindhovens Dagblad. “We only have fourteen men, plus three keepers. We don’t know where all those injuries come from. Training too hard, training too lightly? That is not the reason.”
Eindhoven is in thirteenth place in the Kitchen Champion Division after 26 matches. The gap with number twelve Young FC Utrecht is no less than eight points.

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