Uniport closure: ‘We were just talking to each other’


Leo Kats from Rotterdam is relieved. The judge agrees with him that in the coming weeks he will no longer have to come to Uniport for his job.

The container terminal in the Waalhaven will close on 31 March and therefore there has been virtually no work since the beginning of this year. Still, Kats and his colleagues still had to come to Uniport every day.

“Everyone was in the canteen and had to stand up for his services. Even in the late nights, we sat there playing cards, playing darts and just talking to each other,” Kats said on Radio Rijnmond on Wednesday.

According to the port worker it was a means of pressure from the management. “If you agree with the social plan you can stay at home, it was said.”

The employees then decided to go to court. “Finally, as a works council, we have taken the step to sue the management and with this result.”

59-year-old Kats can now get along with his colleagues to find other work. “We have to wait and see what is left for us. I have a number of applications outstanding, but they soon say: you do not really fit the profile. It will be really difficult.”

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