Uncle’s reaction to Skouchich’s appointment as Iran’s coach


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Former Iranian coach and coach Ali Daei reacted to the coaching of the national team by the choice of Dragan Skoچi ک Croatia.

Ali Daei, a former player and coach of the Iranian national football team, responded to the choice of Dragan Skoراiو Krawat to head the Iranian football team, saying the Croatian coach was selected out of the football federation.

He said: “I wish the national team success. Certainly it is our wish that the national team again reach the World Cup, but unfortunately appointments are made on non-football issues and technical issues and such matters have no bearing on the election.”

“Unfortunately for some of the appointments, some of the Agazadas are involved,” said Mr Gul of the World Football Association. One-year contract with € 2,750,000 for a year? The coach and his assistants spent € 3 million in this economic situation on Iranian football, with € 3 million to about € 45 to € 50 billion. The Euro has also demanded compensation that if you make a simple account you will find out about Wilmotz Fedras Yoon must pay 140 billion USD and nobody is responsible with these conditions!

Skochic’s choice was a great disrespect to all Iranian coaches.

“We have a lot of good coaches in Iran besides Mr. Qalani Nouri,” Daii said, adding that he has a good track record as a coach and coach of the Iranian national team. It really is a question for me who has come to choose Skoچiچ? It was a great disrespect to all the Iranian coaches. “

“When a person like me refuses to be protective and they don’t want me to be in the national team, I don’t know what to say,” Dai said, referring to his refusal to coach the Iranian national team. I consider myself disqualified. “

Asked whether he had reached an agreement with the Football Federation to lead the national team, he said: “Several members of the Football Federation’s Board of Directors had spoken with me, but we did not agree. The national team was the Ministry of Sports. The institutions that have to confirm my eligibility are the official intelligence agencies of the country that I call on the Football Federation to get them. These are not matters but issues. “


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