Uncertainty in Nirbhaya case again; Pawan Gupta refuses legal aid She refused to meet the lawyer


New Delhi: Another uncertainty in Nirbhaya case Reports say that Pawan Gupta has refused legal aid from the government, which has not taken any legal action against the death penalty. Pawan Gupta refused to meet with a lawyer who was assigned to legal aid.

This indicates that Pawan Gupta is not willing to go ahead with legal aid like the mercy plea available to convicts. The refusal to meet Pawan Gupta’s lawyer Ravi Qazi has also caused confusion in the case.

Ravi Qasi, a lawyer, went to Tihar Jail on February 19 to meet Pawan Gupta. However, Pawan Gupta has denied the allegations. Ravi Qazi responded that he had not been able to communicate with Pawan Gupta for the past few days and therefore could not proceed with legal proceedings. The new death warrant will be executed on March 3.

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