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The state government is in a state of crisis as the Supreme Court has been directed to produce a list of all the unauthorized buildings being constructed in violation of the Kerala Coast Guard Act. The bench, headed by Justice Arun Mishra, has taken a strict stand on the timber. The proceedings are on a petition filed by Major Ravi. When the government submits its report, it comprises more than 2,200 buildings in ten districts. Not only does it provide accurate data on unauthorized buildings, it also creates a crisis for the state government. On the contrary, if the fate of the tree has been ruled out, it has been delayed for many years until eviction and compensation are paid

The Supreme Court has come to the conclusion that there are several buildings constructed in violation of the Coastal Protection Act in Kerala. The Kerala affidavit also states that there were more than 200 unauthorized constructions in the timber of the Supreme Court’s order to demolish the flats found to be in violation of the Coastal Protection Act. The Supreme Court has directed the chief secretary to submit a clear report on the illegal constructions in Kerala. The Supreme Court has granted the Chief Secretary four months time to do so.

The government has informed the Supreme Court that a violation of the law has been finalized and the report is being finalized. The government said further action would be taken by the court. However, Major Ravi filed a court-martial plea saying the chief secretary had not submitted the report despite the allotted time. The Supreme Court bench headed by Justice Arun Mishra ordered the above. A flat belonging to a lodge in the wooden housing complex which was demolished following the Supreme Court verdict was owned by Major Ravi. The Supreme Court has directed the chief secretary of the state to submit a list of buildings and unauthorized encroachments made in Kerala within six weeks. The case will be heard on March 23.

In 10 districts, the government inspected 26,330 buildings. As this includes violations of building codes, the government has decided to go through a detailed review and finalize the list. It is estimated that the number of buildings will be less than 20,000. Most of the list is houses of poor families. The Government has formed the Coastal District Committee (CDC) on the basis of information from local bodies. Adalats were held at district level under the guidance of collectors to make complaints about the list. The final list will be prepared after a review of the complaints.

Thiruvananthapuram 3535, Kollam 4868, Alappuzha 4536, Ernakulam 4239, Kottayam 147, Thrissur 852, Malappuram 731, Kozhikode 3848, Kasargod 1379 and Kannur 2195 The total number of buildings constructed in violation of the Coastal Conservation Act. The report is based on a report by the Union Forest and Environment Ministry in 2011. Last year the notification was amended to reduce the distance. It can be built 20 meters away from the gates and 50 meters away from the backwaters and mangroves. However, the Coastal Zone Management Plan is not ready for the new notification. The state government has to prepare the plan and submit it to the Union Ministry of Environment and approval. It is estimated that with this in place, most of the buildings currently found in violation will be jurisdictional. But it is doubtful whether the new notification will be effective beforehand.

The apex court’s Major Ravi’s plea was also considered by a number of petitions relating to the demolition of a flat in the wood. Justice Arun Mishra said the issue is serious and the Chief Secretary should immediately inform the court of his stand. The court also considered the case for determination of compensation and other compensation for the owners of the wooden flat. The government has had great challenges in evicting people from their wooden flats. And compensation still stands as a burden. The government is also worried about what the Supreme Court ruling might be, given the list of such buildings.

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