UN calls from Turkey and Syria Idlib


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The United Nations (UN) Secretary General Antonio Guterres, the conflict in Syria and urged Turkey to put an end to Idlib.

Guterres at a press conference at the UN Headquarters, Idlib the question regarding the clashes between the Syrian and Turkish armies in the region,We have clearly expressed our great concern about the tension in Idlib and demanded the end of the clashes.” said.

Underlining that the solution of the crisis in Syria is not military Guterres“We have repeatedly said that the solution is only political,” he added.

Expressing that the situation in Syria is worried that the Turkish army and the Syrian army have bombed each other, Guterres said, “This is an extremely worrying change in the nature of the crisis.”

“I urge the sides to create all the conditions for humanitarian aid to come to an end, and to end the clashes, without increasing tension getting out of control,” Guterres stressed.


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