UMH Seyyal to Libyan Foreign Minister: Turkey arrived in Libya to protect civilians


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United Nations (UN) Human Rights Councilfor the 43rd session of Libya National Reconciliation Government (UMH) Foreign Minister Muhammed et-Tahir Seyyale, who came to Geneva, Switzerland, with Prime Minister Fayiz es-Serrac, held a press conference on the latest developments in his country.

Seyyale reacted to the leader of the Libyan National Army, Caliph Khafter, east of Libya, at the meeting in the UN Geneva Office.

Saying that “Hafter overturned the table and started a military operation against Tripoli,” Seyyale reminded that the forces of Hafter targeted civilian and civilian infrastructures in the heart of the capital.

Stressing that UMH is a compromising government, Seyyale pointed out that all the peace agreements reached during the negotiations between the parties in Abu Dhabi and Palermo were violated by Hafter.

Saying that Hafter also closed the oil fields and struck the Libyan economy, Seyyale said that he destroyed the crime to the tribes in Libya.

“Turkey provides balance ‘

Seyyal “Turkey in Libya, why?” As for the question “Turkey arrived in Libya to protect civilians in Tripoli. Turkey we did not have that in our current position would not be possible. provides balance in Turkey’s field presence in Libya,” he replied.

‘Let the militia shoot out’ call

Calling for the immediate withdrawal of all forces threatening Tripoli, Seyyale commented, “These forces are there with their weapons, and we know where these guns came from. They have to retreat to not threaten Tripoli’s settlements.”

Regarding the 5 + 5 format military committee meetings in Geneva and the political talks on Libya, which was previously announced by the UN on February 26, Seyyale said, “(Our delegation in Geneva) insists their withdrawal from the positions they are currently in”.

Seyyale warned that the forces of Khafter are a few kilometers from the center of Tripoli and that they can attack the center at any time.


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