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# Napoli drew Barcelona a draw in the first quarter

# Chelsea’s chunky bayonet


San Paulo: Italian club Napoli have thrashed former champions Barcelona in the draw in the UEFA Champions League first quarter pre-quarter. When the hosts took the lead in the first half of the match at Napoli’s home ground, the Frenchman striker Antolo Greissmann scored a goal in the second half to save Barcelona. However, the last time the Spanish club was depressed was when Arturo Vidal was sacked by the second yellow card and marching order.

Half an hour after the match, Napoli scored a goal from Belgian star Daniel Mertens. Mburns’ goal came from Salesinsky’s pass. Griezmann hit back in the 57th minute. The Griezmann goal was converted into a low cross by Nelson Semedo, who fired from the right flank.

Superstar Messi tried several times but was disappointed. He was slightly injured but finished the game. Vidal got the red in the 89th minute.

Barcelona will play their second quarter-final match on March 19.


In another first-quarter pre-quarterfinal match last night, German club Bayern Munich beat English club Chelsea. Chelsea have set themselves three goals unbeaten on their own. Chelsea, coached by former player Frank Lampard, go in the first half
Three goals were scored in the second half, 25 minutes apart. Chelsea were sunk by double-digit Sergignabry and goaltender Roberto Lewandowski.

Gnabry’s first goal came in the 51st minute. He scored the second goal in the 54th minute. Lewandowski completed the list in the 76th minute.

The second quarter game will take place in Bayern on March 19. Bayern will have the benefit of three away goals.

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