Two avalanches in Turkey kill rescuers and passengers in cluttered van (VIDEO + PHOTOS)


The first fell on Tuesday night and the second fell hours later during the rescue operation

A second avalanche fell in the Turkish province of Van, eastern Turkey. The natural disaster carried rescuers and volunteers arriving on the spot to search for two missing after an avalanche that carried a van on the Van-Bahcesaray highway Tuesday evening, Daily Mail reports.

Avalanche takes a minibus on a freeway and kills four (VIDEO)

“Eight rescuers were killed in today’s second disaster and at least 20 others were buried in the snow,” said local mayor Mecca Arvas.

On Tuesday night, a snowman cleared the highway. Suddenly, the fallen avalanche had partially clogged the machine and pulled a minibus moving after it, throwing it into a 40-meter gap. Five people were killed in the incident and two others were searched.

The driver of the van and seven passengers were rescued. Rescue teams today searched for missing two people when they were hit by a second avalanche.

“25 rescuers were taken out of the snow and taken to hospital,” said Mehmet district governor Emin Bilmes.


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