“Tweet by Baudet has hardly any influence on electoral mood” – The Daily Standard


Thierry Baudet can breathe with relief. The most recent research by Maurice de Hond shows that his “Moroccan tweet” has hardly any effect on voters entitled to vote. Forum for Democracy has “only” dropped one seat in the polls.

In the answers to a number of propositions that De Hond has submitted to its pillars, large differences can be seen between voters from FVD and PVV on the right and voters from D66 and GroenLinks on the left. 29 percent of the FVD voters said that Baudet should not have posted the notorious tweet, even if it had actually happened.

Tweet Baudet

A large 82 percent of voters from GroenLinks and the Party for the Animals, respectively, believe that Baudet should never have placed the tweet, even when it was really about aggressive fur collars on the train. More than half of the Dutch (58%) agree. Among FVDs, that is 29 percent and, strikingly, 31 percent of PVVs are of the opinion that Baudet should no longer interfere with Moroccan-Mediterranean scenes.

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