Turkey declares neutralization of 76 Syrian soldiers


Turkeyin response to the shelling of their Idlib military, “neutralize “76 Syrian soldiers. This statement was made by Turkish National Defense Minister Hulusi Akar, quoted by Anadolu and TASS.

The strikes were made against 54 targets of the regime. According to information from various sources, The regime’s 76 military personnel are currently neutralized“.

Tensions threaten Ankara-Moscow relations. Turkey and Russia are on opposite sides of the fighting in Idlib, and while working together elsewhere in Syria, President Erdogan said the Russians were told to “stay away” in the Idlib conflict, Reuters reports.

Erdogan earlier commented that response operations include F-16 fighters.

Turkey will not hesitate to respond to every threat in Syria

Turkey will not hesitate to respond to every threat in Syria

“Our Brave Soldiers Perform Humanitarian and Security Missions in Syria”

The forces of the Syrian president Bashar Assad, supported by the Russian Air Force, great progress was made in Idliburging Turkey to warn that it could launch a military operation there if fighting does not stop.

“We are determined to continue our security operations for our country, the people and our brothers in Idlib. Those who question our determination will soon realize that they have made a mistake“Erdogan explained in Istanbul before flying to Kiev.

Speaking later in the Ukrainian capital, he commented that the situation in Idlib has become “unmanageableSyrian state television correspondent said there were no casualties among government forces. Erdogan accused Russia of violating a 2017 agreement to reduce fighting in the region, Russia denies.

In recent days Turkey has sent military vehicles, trucks and more reinforcements in the region in the challenge to Damascus and its Russian supporters.

Rebelswho are struggling against Assad, some of which are backed by Turkey, too counter-attack started against Assad’s forces.

The Russian Ministry of Defense said Turkish troops came under fire from Syrian government forces after the move, without informing Russia, although Turkey said it had coordinated military movements with Moscow.

Although Erdogan explained that fighter jets had been sent, the Russian Ministry of Defense said Turkish planes did not break the Syrian border and no air strikes were reported on Syrian troops.

A spokesman said that The Kremlin remains concerned about the presence of groups of fighters and militias around Sarakeb, where the Turkish forces also suffered.

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Erdogan in Ukraine: Turkey does not recognize illegal annexation of Crimea

“Nearly one million Syrians leave Idlib for border with Turkey”


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