Turkey $ 1 Clothing at Eid Night Market in Iran


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Are Iranian Apparel Manufacturers Losing the Iranian Eid Market?

Turkey has taken over Iran’s Eid nightwear market with $ 1 stoke clothing, Sputnik reports.

Producer Mohammed Maliki, pointing out that manufacturers have opened a special account on Eid Night Market this year with rising currency prices and a ban on imported garments, said: “Currently garment imports from the free zones are permitted, on the other hand customs in the south Countries are not established to impose restrictions on the entry of clothing into the country.

Manufacturers are worried about losing their market and selling their Eid Night. We have manufactured goods with the hope, but we cannot sell them when the goods are smuggled into the country. Unfortunately, the Turks also offer us to sell kilograms of Stoke, which is a threat to the country’s garment production.

For example, in one of these Turkish offers to Iranian producers, we sell 350,000 pieces of stock for $ 350,000, which means that each commodity is worth a dollar, in which case officials will tell which manufacturer is able to compete with the goods. It will have foreigners.

“There is no deal with smuggling brands in the market and imports into the free zones are permitted, provided the manufacturer can sell its product on the market.”


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