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The media “Dnevnik” and “Capital” of the defendant oligarch Ivo Prokopiev, who also maintains the mainstream in our country, have censured the former partner of Vasil Bozhkov – Tsvetomir Naydenov. He revealed this to the Telegraph.

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The businessman says he gave an interview to the two media to the Razgrad boss, but he did not see the white light for 60 days, it is unclear why. bTV, however, had been hiding for 45 days, waiting for the scandal to erupt throughout the country and only then to reflect it, but with a total preponderance of the accused Bozhkov.

Naydenov also posted correspondence with Dnevnik journalists on his Facebook account, revealing their manipulation. Just a day ago Telegraph Media

exposing Razgrad

an oligarch with two charges

on your account in exchange for a public agenda. To that end, he uses both his diaries Diary and Capital, as well as their associated media. However, oligarchs against his attempts to restore the statehood in our country became a mouthpiece of the battle – his national television bTV, claiming that it “represents all points of view”.

Attorney General Ivan Geshev also commented on the established press center against the state, while answering a question about the president saying: “I have no permission to comment on the case. Don’t you expect me to do what the media and other people who gravitate to defendant Prokopiev want? See who the speakers are, I will not say the media, but the persons who gravitate around the accused Bozhkov and defendant Prokopiev. “

Asked how he explains his censorship by the media of the accused Prokopiev, Tsvetomir Naydenov replied that he did not know exactly what was due to him, but it was very strange to him. “I gave the first interview 60 days ago – I answered questions. I only waited 45 days for bTV, “he commented.

He said that

his first contact with

The Diary was on November 27,

by sending him 12 questions, and he answered the next day. In early December, they went to his office, then did the first interview. They were journalists from Dnevnik and Capital together, having done five and a half hours of interviews, which never saw the light of day. Naydenov is also perplexed as to why the media and bTV in question have fiercely rushed to defend the accused Bozhkov. “The weirdest part is that they give more word to Bozhkov than to the prosecution and law enforcement agencies. This is the weirdest thing to me. So I got angry on bTV. Watching Bozhkov’s half-hour interview a few days ago, apparently from the Balkans, it was clear to me that he was not in the Balkans, but anyway. Then a former head of the Gambling Commission, who I personally saw in Bozhkov’s offices, who claims he does not know Bozhkov. It was just Bozhkov for an hour, a strange job, “Naydenov commented. He added that he had “heard a lot of papers” but could not say them as there was no evidence.

“I carry the whole signal

on bTV on December 15,

they call me “Let’s see the state how it will react”. On December 20, the state reacted and conducted pre-trial proceedings and no one was interested. Strange work. When it became a big scandal, I was asked if I would go. Well I will come, but where were you 45 days when I was looking for you? They told me they were not a mailbox and they had to check. But they let Bozhkov talk about how no one is looking for him, how he is not hiding, but he is in the Balkans. This is how you checked him, that no one was looking for him, “Naydenov asks. Asked how he explains the censorship of Prokopiev and bTV’s media over the Bozhkov scandal, he replies: “Many theories – whether advertising contracts, whether friendships, or common interests, but these are the facts. I brought the hot news that some of them took off, others did not, these are the facts. People can judge for themselves why those who didn’t take the hot news didn’t do it and what the reasons are. “


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