Trump takes stock of his own policies, Israeli airstrike on Gaza


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News overview: Trump takes positive stock of his own policies; Tour of Buttigieg and Sanders; Israeli airstrike on Gaza after rocket attack; Semperoper ball order is withdrawn again Al-Sisi; Truck crashes with migrants in Mexico; Locust plague in East Africa

Sputnik will shortly show you what happened on Wednesday night.

Trump takes stock of his own policies

US President Donald Trump used the speech on the state of the nation in the election year to praise the success of his tenure and warned against a socialist takeover in America. The state of the nation is stronger than ever, Trump said in the US Congress. In addition to a booming economy, the U.S. military is the most powerful in the world, the borders are safe, the country’s values ​​have been renewed and pride restored. Trump delivered the speech shortly before the impeachment process ended, which should end in acquittal today. After the speech, the speaker of the House of Representatives, the democrat Pelosi, tore up the manuscript of the speech. During the final applause, clearly visible behind Trump, she picked up several leaves and tore them in two. Pelosi subsequently confirmed that it was the speech manuscript. Given the alternatives, it was the most polite thing she could have done.

Guided tour of Buttigieg and Sanders

The leadership of former ex-mayor Pete Buttigieg has confirmed the second partial result of the chaotic Democratic primary in the US presidential race. The 38-year-old continues to be closely followed by left-wing Senator Bernie Sanders. After counting 71 percent of all electoral districts in the state of Iowa, Buttigieg got the most delegate votes, the Democratic Party in Des Moines announced at night.

Israeli airstrike on Gaza after rocket attack

Israeli fighter jets attacked targets in the Gaza Strip at night. The IDF announced on Twitter. The attacks on several terrorist targets are a reaction to attacks on Israel from the Gaza Strip. Only in the evening, according to Israeli sources, at least three rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip. No information is yet available on the effects of the respective attacks.

Semperoper ball order is withdrawn again Al-Sisi

The Dresden Semper Opera Ball association is canceling its controversial award for the Egyptian President Sisi. Spokesman Zastrow said in the evening that the Order of St. George would be revoked from Sisi. Ball boss Frey decided that after meeting rock singer Peter Maffay. Maffay had previously said he would cancel his planned appearance at the Semper Opera Ball if the award for Sisi was not withdrawn. Sisi was honored last week as a peacemaker and hope for an entire continent. The award caused harsh criticism. Several moderators and guests of the Semperoper ball canceled for the event next Friday.

Truck crashes with migrants in Mexico

A truck with around 200 migrants on board crashed in eastern Mexico. A 23-year-old man from Guatemala was killed in the accident in the state of Veracruz, more than 500 kilometers east of the capital Mexico City, the immigration agency said. At least 84 other people were injured and taken to nearby hospitals, including a pregnant woman and several children.

Locust plague in East Africa

In a race against time, aid workers and authorities in East Africa are trying to contain the worst outbreak of desert locusts in the region for decades. Especially in Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia, swarms of millions of insects are sweeping across regions and threaten to trigger a humanitarian crisis. The measures taken so far have had an impact, said Kenneth Mwangi, an expert at the ICPAC climate center. Pesticides are sprayed from the air and on the ground. But another danger comes from the new infestation of the grasshoppers that hatch from the eggs laid.


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