Trump says he will sign a “very big trade agreement” with India


Sputnik World

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) .- The president of the United States, Donald Trump, said his administration is working on a large trade agreement with India, but said he is not sure if it will be signed before this year’s elections.

“We are making a great trade agreement with India, we will have it, I don’t know if it will be soon before the elections,” Trump told reporters when asked if he would sign a treaty with India during his next visit to the country this month.

President and first lady Melania Trump will travel to India from February 24 to 25 to visit the capital of New Delhi and the city of Ahmedabad, in Gujarat state (west).

Trump will meet with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to discuss bilateral relations.

The Economic Times newspaper of India, citing a source from the Ministry of Defense, recently reported that the country is expected to approve a $ 2.6 billion deal that establishes the purchase of 24 Seahawk MH-60R military helicopters from the defense firm American Lockheed Martin before the visit.


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