Trump returns to Twitter to insult another politician … for his height


US President Donald Trump is well known for going to Twitter to settle his differences with opposition politicians or even to discuss international issues with other leaders. This time it was the turn of Michael Bloomberg, a possible candidate for the Democratic Party for the next elections.

Michael Bloomberg, ex-mayor of New York and one of the politicians seeking the nomination by the Democratic Party to compete against the president in the next elections for the US Presidency, has faced Donald Trump several times on Twitter.

However, this time, both politicians have starred in one of the fights of the year on the social network, in which they have exchanged insults like “subway loser and a half” and “crazy clown of carnival”.

“Mini Mike is a mass of dead energy of a meter and a half that does not want to be on the stage of debate with these professional politicians,” the president wrote on Twitter.

The insults didn’t stay there. The president continued to attack the tycoon, who affectionately calls Mini Mike.

“Mini Mike Bloomberg is a LOSER with money, but he doesn’t know how to debate, he doesn’t have any presence, you’ll see. He reminds me of a small version of Jeb ‘low energy’ Bush, but Jeb has more political ability and treated the black community much better than Mini! “Trump wrote on Twitter.

The tycoon also did not remain silent and responded to the current president.

“We know many people in common in New York. They laugh at you behind your back and call you a fair clown. They know you inherited your fortune and ruined it with your stupid plans and your incompetence. I have the experience and resources to overcome you And I will beat you, “Bloomberg said on Twitter.

Although the former mayor of New York was one of the last candidates to enter the presidential race within the Democratic Party, the great advertising expense for his presidential campaign of more than 260 million dollars made him jump in the polls.
His recent success is the reason Trump has attacked him recently, according to Bloomberg himself.
“I’m not afraid of Donald Trump, Trump is afraid of us, and that’s why he keeps tweeting all the time. He sees our survey numbers, and he’s scared because he knows I have the track record and resources to defeat him, and with you , with you together, we can do it. ”

It will be measured for the first time on March 3 with the rest of the Democrats and that did not participate in the first four votes of Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina.


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