Tribute to departing teammate Ziyech: ‘Both started from the bottom up’


Andre Onana is proud of Hakim Ziyech, who is leaving for Chelsea after this season. The Cameroonian goalkeeper already says goodbye to his teammate on his Instagram.

Onana wishes Ziyech all the best for the ‘next chapter’ in his career. “Teammate, friend, brother … You and I both started from the bottom up and we know you get nothing for nothing,” Onana begins on his Instagram page. ‘We are now teammates for four seasons, in which we experienced moments that I will never forget. We laughed, cried, worked very hard and enjoyed many experiences together, I wouldn’t change this for nothing. ”
“You always walked with a smile on your face and always tried to help your teammates,” Onana continues. “We still have a few months left to achieve great things. Enjoy every moment and we will enjoy your company every day. Go smash it, brother. ”
Ziyech will provide Ajax with a maximum of 44 million euros. The Amsterdam club made the deal with Chelsea official today.

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