Toyoharu Tanabe about the breakdown of cars: “The Honda engines were just fine”


After the first test week, the staff of the Formula 1 teams and Honda will start processing data. After processing, some changes will be made, which will then be tested in the second test week.

Honda seemed to have built a reliable engine. According to insiders, the data looked good and there were no major problems. Honda wanted to continue the reliability, but today there was a problem with the PUs of the two Honda-driven cars on the track.

The car of Red Bull Racing fell silent, moments later the car of AlphaTauri. Toyoharu Tanabe of Honda does not yet know exactly what the reason is. “Both cars had to spend some time in the garage this morning and in the afternoon we focused on repairing that delay. Nevertheless, everything around the PU seems to be running smoothly,” he told in Barcelona.

The first test week immediately yielded a lot of data

The Japanese motorcycle manufacturer went home positively after the first test week. The engine was fine and only some fine tuning settings had to be done. “After last week’s work here in Barcelona, ​​we analyzed all the data from both teams and so we started this second test to test again what we learned from them. During these three days, we continue to perform job checks and work to optimize the set-up. We are now in a phase of alignment, in preparation for the season opener in Melbourne. ”

Honda has great expectations for the coming season, but the question is whether the Honda engine with the Red Bull Racing car is fast enough to beat Mercedes and Ferrari.

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