Todor Batkov: We are all transient, Levski is not! It’s time to grab a trophy!


The former owner of Levski Todor Batkov is part of the campaign of “blue” fans. He spoke to the media. Here’s what you said:

“I expect a good match to be had. A great chance to show that the people are sitting behind Levski. Hard times have come. Levski has had it, will have it and will have it. We are all transient but not Levski. Like the club patron. “This great Bulgarian. Like everything in life, Levski is having difficulties now.”

Fans are Levski’s greatest asset. Hopefully the players feel it. But with this trainer we have, I’m sure they know him and have betrayed him, because Hubchev is a true left-hander. Good person, professional. Good thing he leads Levski at this point.

The “blue” should have already taken the trophy. We have been gone for ten years. Now there are interesting matches for the Championship and also for the Cup. Levski will recover with the help of all supporters. We must continue to love Levski and whoever he can help with. ”

Todor Batkov joined the march of Levski fans

Todor Batkov joined the march of Levski fans

They were waiting for them at the monument of Vasil Levski

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