Thousands of homes in Spain may run out of television broadcasts


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The Second Digital Dividend is a technological process that consists in changing the frequencies of the television channels in order to continue watching it. It affects all the television networks in open and all the Spanish territory.

February 11 will be the last day to make the Second Digital Dividend: a process, started last year in Spain, whereby some Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) channels will change the broadcast frequency to transfer that space to the deployment of Future 5G connectivity networks.

Each autonomous community has its own deadlines. In some cities like Mallorca, some channels have stopped broadcasting. On the other hand, in other municipalities such as Valladolid, the emission cuts will take place on Tuesday. During these dates, some state and regional channels will stop broadcasting through their old frequencies, so that the owners and administrators of farms or the presidents of neighboring communities They should contact, urgently, with some registered installation companies, to request technical adaptation.

The Government of Spain began these actions during 2019 to fulfill a European mandate which states that this band must be fully available before June 30, 2020 throughout the European Union. The reordering of DTT is carried out step by step throughout the national territory, attending exclusively to technical criteria. The great complexity of coordinating the thousands of transmission centers that are distributed throughout the geography has led to divide Spain into 75 geographical areas.

You don’t know if you have to re-tune?

The Secretary of State for Telecommunications and digital infrastructure has facilitated a tool to know if your locality has to re-tune or not. You just have to enter your zip code and they will inform you if you are one of those affected.

You can get free

The communities of owners of a building or set of buildings may benefit from one of the grants and subsidies that the Government offers to those affected so that they can carry out the migration without any cost. The aid ranges between 104.30 and 677.95 euros.


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