This naughty little bird has sex 350 times a week


‘Calcarius pictus’, popularly known as Smith’s scribe, can be considered one of the most sexually active species in the animal kingdom: this little bird practices ‘free love’ and can have more than 50 intercourse per day.

But what is the secret of this winged Casanova? The fact is that, unlike most birds, which are monogamous, this little bird is a follower of the call polyginandria, a type of sexual behavior in which two or more males are related to several females. This lifestyle is only practiced by 0.1% of the birds in the world.
The females of this species lay several eggs of different parents, while the males take care of their young. During the mating period, this singing bird has more than 350 sexual intercourse on average, or up to 50 times a day.
In addition, their testicles have a biomass twice as large as that of their closest relatives, and, instead of defending their territory, the males of Calcarius pictus They try to fertilize as many females as possible.

Smith’s scribe, discovered by the American naturalist John Audubon, reproduces in northern Canada and Alaska, and migrates in winter to the Great Plains area, in the central part of the US. It feeds on seeds and insects.


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