This is how it goes on the corona cruise: “In addition, someone was taken away”


According to the latest state of affairs there is with 20 people on board the new coronavirus. They were taken to the hospital. There are three Dutchmen on the ship.

“I sleep well,” says the 71-year-old Dutchman who wants to remain anonymous, to RTL News. He and his wife are not allowed to leave their room, food is placed outside their door three times a day.

Counting ambulances

The Diamond Princess has around 3700 people on board. The ship is anchored at the city of Yokohama. Passengers and crew members are not allowed to disembark.

At one point, the Dutch man saw a row of fire trucks and ambulances approaching. “At that time we could already see that in addition to the 10 infections that were already there, another 10 were added.”

When a neighbor turned out to be infected and was taken away, he was said to be “pressed again with the nose on the facts”. “But after that we could put it into perspective quickly, it is of course no more than a flu.”

View of volcano

When the ship docked in Yokahama, the Dutch couple were “lucky,” the man says. “My cabin with balcony is right on the quay, on the sunny side. I have a view of a beautiful bay and even look out at a volcano. That is wonderful to see.”

Not everyone has that happiness: of the 1500 cabins, 600 are inside, so without a window or balcony.

The man certainly doesn’t want to complain. The cabin crew does their best and is extremely friendly, he thinks. “There is a small problem, we do not get enough water. It is only a small amount and I am used to drinking liters. That is actually not understandable, because we are on the quay. But it seems to be a logistical problem.”

The captain says little about the situation, the Dutchman says. “We have a Whatsapp group with six fellow passengers, and the information comes first from there.”

The captain eventually announced something and distributed a letter. He apologizes for complaints about the room service.

Call for fresh air

The letter also shows that Japanese officials are discussing whether it is possible for small groups of guests to spend some time on the deck, “to get some fresh air.”

“Occasionally I notice that there are people who are in the inside cabins, angry,” says the Dutchman. “When food is brought, that is the time for them to say something. And then you hear that. But yes, the cabin crew can’t help it either.”

The Dutch embassy in Tokyo has since had contact with the three Dutch people on board. “They called, it was nice to talk to them. We told them about the little water we get. They are going to try to put pressure on that problem. The German embassy is also working on it.”

Railing of balcony

Two weeks in seclusion, in a small space. How’s that prospect? The Dutchman and his wife try to make the best of it. “We are careful, in fact we are all suspicious. It is not wise to hang over the balcony railing with the neighbors.”

The couple walks around their room to keep moving. “Actually, we want to take 5000 steps every day, but that doesn’t work. We are coming to 3000. And I also have two books. One about healthy eating, and one about healthy aging. That fits in with the situation.”


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