‘This eternal weeper once cried like you’; Guinness Pakru to support Quadan Guiness pakru


BoThe embarrassing video of a baby being subjected to de-shaming is now being debated on social media. Nine-year-old Quaden Bales breaks up with his mother by telling ridicule. In the video, Quadan asks if his friends are making fun of him by calling him a dwarf and killing him.

This video has been shared by people from all over the world. Guinness Pakru, who survived the shortage with his skill and effort, is now backing the quad.

‚ÄúThis guy, like you, has cried once. It was those tears that fueled the journey that followed. When you cry … remember your lyrics to your mother. “Fire in Ula .. Fire in Ulaire” Guinness Pakru shared this video of Quadan sharing my note for those who are suffering.


The video, which was posted on Facebook by Quadan’s mother, was seen by many people within hours. Quaden says I have to break my heart with a knife and kill someone myself. The nine-year-old Quadan is a tall, childish child.

Quadan’s mother, who filmed the video, said her son’s grief was hurting his family and that he needed to understand how this kind of ridicule could ruin a baby. ‘As a parent, I feel like I’ve failed. Our education system is failing, ‘she said.

The video received a lot of support as it was shared on social media. 1.80 crore viewers. Many of the people who watched the video came out to support and share the child’s love. Australia’s national rugby players have expressed their support for Quadan and have been officially invited to watch their match.

Content Highlights: Guinness Pakru Extends Support To Quaden Bayles Who Was Bullied By Classmates

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