They stop the batmobile in Moscow for not complying with the law | Videos


Traffic policemen have stopped and then confiscated a replica of the batmobile while it was circulating in the heart of Moscow.

A exact replica of the batmobile He circulated roaring his engine through the central streets of Moscow until he was stopped by the traffic police. The identical copy of the car that Batman uses to fight villains and injustice this time became an offender and all because of its size. Its width is too large to circulate in the usual lanes.

In the first video you can see how traffic officers they stopped the russian batmobile, while in a second video you can see the crane taking it confiscated for violating traffic regulations.

However, the evacuation of the replica of the batmobile to a truck parking lot ended up being a special operation due to the breadth of the vehicle that did not go unnoticed by anyone.
The owner of the unusual car He was fined for several infractions administrative However, he said in an interview with the half russian Zvezda that this car has been created in order to be exhibited and, in very exceptional cases, driven in special places where its circulation is not prohibited.
For their part, Russian traffic authorities explained that the batmobile breached the laws because it was created under special conditions and not in a factory. further was not registered in the state organs and also did not have no type of document for its legal circulation.

However, the owner of the batmobile will soon be able to pick up his vehicle as long as he pays the fines and does not circulate again without permission in the streets, otherwise he could be fined again and the vehicle will be seized again.


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