They propose to buy a “Russian war tank” to Brazilian senator shot


Sputnik World

Internet users decided to start a collection in support of Brazilian Senator Cid Gomes, after the parliamentarian was shot when he tried to dismantle a police protest. The funny thing is that the collection sought to help the legislator shot with the purchase of “a Russian war tank”.

“Collect online to buy a russian war tank so that Cid Gomes can face fascist militia more efficiently without risking life with a backhoe, “said the proposal published on the website.
The absurd proposal refers to the shot the parliamentarian received – brother of former presidential candidate Ciro Gomes – while trying to tear down a fence, climbed into the machinery. When he intended to move forward he was stopped by several police officers trained behind the fence. During the interrogation, several shots were detonated, one of which hit the left area of ​​his chest.
Gomes had to be hospitalized and, after a first assistance in the Intensive Care Unit, he was transferred to a common room, already without risk of life.

The incident had great repercussion in Brazil and motivated two web users to start the “collection”, which originally was intended to raise some 500,000 reais (about $ 114,000). The initiative soon went viral on social networks, although the humor it caused was not translated into monetary contributions, since it only managed to raise 50 reais (11 dollars) before being closed.


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